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about 1 month ago

Job Offer in Ealing - Where is the best place to live? : Hi All, Hope everyone is well is the current madness. I don't live in the UK and I've been offered a job that I'm really considering taking in the Ealing area, It is about a 5 min walk from a Piccadilly line station. Would anybody be able to give me some advice on the best areas to live? I would travel via the tube and would like to keep the commute to max 40 minutes and would hope to have a budge of about £800, including bills. I would be looking to get a house share, rather than a flat. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. ​ EDITED TO ADD: Are any specific areas of Ealing, Chiswick or Hammersmith or Richmond that would be good? My knowledge of the area would not be great, but I do know that the boroughs pretty big and can vary with what part of the borough you are based in Full Article
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