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3 months ago

DFW car service/shuttle that drives disabled customers? : I'm flying into DFW on the 19th (staying in Denton) and leaving on the 22nd. I usually use Super Shuttle, as they have a service that is wheelchair accessible; however, they have apparently gone out of business. I'm having trouble finding a service that drives disabled people in the DFW area. I use a wheelchair, but I can walk with a cane short distances. I don't need a lift/ramp to get in the vehicle, but I do need a driver who can help me with my luggage and wheelchair. Does anyone know of a car service I can use? I should mention that I've already looked into Uber, and they don't have an accessible service available in DFW. Lyft has the option, and I have used them once, but the driver I got told me that I got extremely lucky that I got a driver (him) willing to help because most drivers won't accept the liability of a disabled passenger (in case they break my chair or I get injured somehow) and aren't required to by law (I did some research at the time, and he was right, though there are lawsuits happening right now in hopes of changing that). So does anyone have any ideas? Full Article
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