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about 2 months ago

Does Clayton county really have that bad of a reputation ? : I have been living in Clayton county for six years (I also have only lived in the Atlanta metro for that long so Clayton county is the only place I have lived here).When I meet people and they ask what side of Atlanta I live on and I tell them, some people act like Clayton county is the worst place to live in the metro. They make remarks about it being ghetto and they say they would never go visit there. I honestly would like to move to a better suburb of Atlanta. I have always been a fan of Atlanta’s north side suburbs like Smyrna, Marietta, alpharetta, dunwoody, and others . Unfortunately I only make 34k and don’t think I could afford to live in any of those places. Lol I’m jealous of anyone who can afford it. Are the north side suburbs better than living on the south side? Seems like there are a lot more good jobs on the north side Full Article
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