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30 days ago

20p : I was in a bakery in Leytonstone and happened to hear a bloke ask his make for 20p, to save getting a load of coins fas change. I put my hand in my pocket and had a 20p. I walked over to him, extended my hand and offered the 20p. The bloke looked confused at first, but I just gestured to him to take it. He did, and now surprised and smiling, said thanks. I went back over to where my girlfriend, who was choosing items from the counter. As the bloke was leaving, he tapped me on the shoulder, gave me £1 and said ‘Thanks mate’ then left. I couldn’t believe it, genuinely. I held the £1 out in front of my girlfriend as if it was a £50 note. I’m not trying to preach or say this is how people should act, people can do what they want. It’s just a wee story about helping someone out and them saying thanks, and how good it can make you feel when you are helpful. Full Article
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