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about 1 month ago

Tirade Tuesday! Let's do this! : No introduction needed EXCEPT ground rules: No personal attacks--that's basic Reddiquette. Comments will be deleted and users banned. Vent, don't snipe. Go on a rant and get it all out. Comments like "Charlotte drivers suck" don't cut it; "Charlotte drivers suck because [insert 250-word diatribe here]" do. See this thread as a great example. Keep it civilized. These are our frustrations, often emotionally charged but often shared as well, so don't take a comment personally (if someone breaks Rule #1, they'll be kicked, so don't take the bait and get kicked, too). No touching of the hair or face. Now let's do this! P.S This is the TIRADE thread, where people are free to blow off steam without having to explain themselves. If you don't like someone's comment here, kindly find another thread to browse. Any comments challenging or harassing other commenters will be removed. Full Article
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