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about 2 months ago

Got carried away answering a question about Ohio, as I ended up writing a short essay on what Ohio is... : Ohio is an ideal, a dream, a paradise in which all of humanity seeks to imitate. Ohio is the mother who will protect and comfort you from the barbarisms of the outside world. Ohio is the father who will teach you how to grow up strong and proud. Ohio is the cradle of civilization, a womb in which all innovation derives from. History is split between two periods, the dark ages leading up to her discovery and the enlightenment when man first settled upon her fertile soil and declared her to be the mighty Ohio, 17th state of the American Union. Ohio cannot be partitioned under the pedantic labeling of American regions, as Ohio lives in each and every one of her chosen sons and daughters across the globe. Just as a son of Cleveland carries her heart with him wherever he may choose to settle within this union of states, abroad in the ancient lands of the rising sun the people celebrate her majesty when the radiant light of dawn first peaks over the horizon, uttering the hollowed word "Ohayo" to celebrate the coming of a new day through the benevolent grace of the great and beautiful Ohio. Full Article
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