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about 2 months ago

Announcement: Addressing sub issues + new rule : Weekly help thread Hello everybody, this post is meant to address some issues that have popped up in the sub recently. Non-Philippines COVID-19 News We've been getting an influx of posts related to COVID-19, but not directly related to the Philippines. These posts will be removed as they are not about the Philippines. However, these posts are acceptable in the megathread/RD threads. New Rule: Provide sources for any claims As this global crisis continues, we've noticed there have been a lot of very specific claims that have no sources, or have sources that are dubious at best. For the most part we've been diligent in fact-checking and removing these posts and have been discussing how to deal with them, but to formalize this we're introducing a new rule: provide sources for any claims. If you're posting an image, either the image must contain the source, or you may post the source in the comments of the post. Any posts with unsourced claims will be locked until you can provide an adequate source. If your source is private or cannot otherwise be published, send us a modmail for verification before posting on the sub. Reminder About Witchhunting We don't allow witch hunting on the sub, and more generally witch hunting is not widely accepted on Reddit (see: rediquette). Witch hunting is targeting specific individuals for harassment. The same goes for brigading. No More Memes Haha just kidding, memes are still okay on the sub. For now. Full Article

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