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about 1 month ago

Question about Japanese survivor’s pension : Hello. I am not sure where to ask this and its fine if you reject this question but anyway here is my situation just in case: My father passed away last month in japan, my uncle told my mother to claim Japanese Survivor’s Pension because he cannot do it himself because he is disabled, my mother and I are currently living in the Philippines and we cannot go to japan because there is a suspension on flights. we asked my uncle where should we go if we are to claim this here and he told us to ask a pension office here in the Philippines, he probably doesnt know what to do too. I figured that maybe we can claim/ask about it in the Japanese embassy but I am not entirely sure. My question is if there is a way we can claim the Japanese Survivor’s pension for us and our relatives(father side) if we are currently living in a foreign country. Full Article
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