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12 days ago

Interactive COVID-19 map with county data : Very recently John Hopkins University resumed making county level data available for all USA counties with COVID-19 cases. That data is hosted on a GIS (Geographic Information System) server and available for anyone to display. The map link I am posting in this thread displays data directly from that server. Each time you open the map you will see the most recent data. The map has a number of COVID-19 related overlay layers that you can turn on/off/restack. When the map opens, it shows the COVID cases by county. Each symbol has the data for one county. Blue lines show county boundaries. Please take a moment to read the “Map tips”. That link is in the upper left corner. On that page you will find the map legend and learn (1) how to make your own custom map links, (2) how to make any overlay clickable and (3) learn more about the data the map can display. The map is displayed by GISsurfer which is a general purpose web map I developed. Open GISsurfer COVID-19 map:,-77.014160&zoom=8&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,State_boundary,COVID-19_cases_by_county&txtfile= Full Article

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