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2 months ago

Free rats for lonely isolated Londoners : Believe it or not, the title is genuine. Allow me to explain. I breed rats for the pet market. They make very intelligent, engaging, affectionate and interesting pets, far more so than anyone who never met a pet rat could understand. Before all the recent goings on started going on I had recently mated a pair. They are due to be born sometime between Sunday and Wednesday. As we can all expect the current situation to continue for some time yet, it is very likely that in 5-6 weeks time when they are ready to rehome, the situation will be unchanged. My gf called last night to say that while going to provide care for her grandmother she took 2 of her rats to meet her, as she struggles with loneliness even before family visits were restricted. Her nan fell in love with them immediately, and given that her age and mobility issues mean a dog or cat is not feasible, we realised that these would make great little companions for her and so I'll be giving her 2 from this litter. I know this is highly unlikely to actually reach anyone who'd be interested, but I wanted to put the offer out there anyway. So, if you know anyone who could use a free companion pet but doesn't have the space/mobility/good health to take on a dog or cat, and you are able to collect from south west London in about 6 weeks time then get in touch - I will be figuring out a COVID-conscious means of your collecting in the meantime. ​ This is only for situations where somebody's wellbeing is being impacted - either through loneliness or for people whose condition involves a need for additional stimulation and/or a new routine due to disruption to their own. Given the crucial advice on non-essential travel I will not provide to anybody who just wants one as a pet or offering to adopt if homes are needed. If they cannot be given to help people now in need then I am equipped to keep and look after them myself for however long may be needed. I'm happy to provide all the info and advice needed on rat ownership, suitable habitats, food and equipment etc. The only conditions are that they must go in pairs and whoever takes them can commit at least 1 hour a day interacting with them. Full Article
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