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30 days ago

My experience living in Jersey City for a few years makes me want to dispell a myth I see about Jersey City on this subreddit from time to time. : A little background: I initially lived in downtown Jersey City for 4 years before I could no longer afford the rent. I currently live in the Greenville section of Jersey City and have lived here for 3 years. The myth: I was frightened to move to the Greenville areea due to many posts in this subreddit talking about the crime rates in those areas. While those crime stats are correct, there are areas in Greenville that have lower crime rates than anywhere else in Jersey City- including downtown. I moved to Country Village in Jersey City. It is considered part of Greenville. It is one of the safest neighborhoods in Jersey City. It's a very family oriented community with a safe park inside the community with a hockey rink, baseball field, and tennis courts. It is also close to Bayonne (yes, I'm enjoying the new Costco) and downtown Jersey City (I still enjoy BJs). Another myth s that a car is needed to live here. The 80 takes me DIRECTLY to the journal square Path in 25 or so minutes. I can now even use Via to go anywhere in Jersey City. Besides that, I can Uber or Lyft. Therefore, t's important to identify which part of Greenville when giving advice. I was going to leave Jersey City entirely before I randomly came across a new acquantaince that told me that they lived in Country Village. It is truly a remarkable place in Jersey City and if the rent is too high in downtown Jersey City, other safe options do exist!!! Full Article
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