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5 months ago

Classifieds for the week of 1/14/2019 : Welcome to our weekly odds and ends post! Every parent level comment should begin with one of the following headers: [For Sale] concert tickets, beauty and grooming services, Ikea bookcases [For Free] dental checkups and couches that you can totally have for free but you have to move them yourself [Want to Aquire/Buy] free Rave tickets, a used toaster, a cute puppy [Job Request] You're new to the city and are looking for work in IT or you hate your job and need some leads. Be sure to include your skills and qualifications. A lot of people on this sub love to help others but they can't do that if they don't know your background and interests. [Job Announcement] You're looking for new team members for a fantastic job that ISN'T a scammy ca$h4work gig [Living Arrangements] You need a roommate, an apartment, or are offering a living arrangement. Be sure to clarify your tidiness expectations because you never know what you're going to get when accepting a roommate and I'm NOT GOING TO DO YOUR DAMN DISHES ANYMORE REBECCA [Personals] You're lonely, new to the city, want to play extreme frisbee, or need someone to eat Ians Pizza with because no one wants to do that alone. We understand. Full Article
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