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28 days ago

Yo, Legal Eagles - : Yes, throwaway - Yes, I did contact local attorneys who have appointments available next week (!) - I need something today within the next 90 minutes before I clock out. We had a bit of a dual wallop of hurricanes here (not sure if you heard about it) which resulted in the roof spawing a major leak. I've rented this house for over two years now - Am on my third lease renewal. I was confident in the integrity of the home, as was the landlord... It just didn't hold up. I instantly notified my landlord who resides out of the country - Nothing was done. Landlord ignored three documented requests to fix the roof. I did withhold rent. The roof continued to leak. This resulted in an eviction notice delivered to my door, first time I laid eyes on the landlord since I signed the initial lease was at the hearing. Possession only was granted by the magistrate. Evidently you can have no power, water, sewer or even roof as long as there's a lease... I digress. Landlord said, "Pay the money and this is water under the bridge." I wasn't happy with that - I pay almost $2k/mo on time every time and this is your job, the reason I pay you; This is the trade off of renting vs owning and you have to fix the (bleep) roof. After much back and forth AFTER the hearing and ignored requests to fix the roof, the only recourse I had was to pay the back rent. So I did. In front of The Sheriff to The Landlord's "agent" on November 2, 2018 (11 days ago). The Sheriff was there to do a complete lock out. He was armed with stickers and a gun and the whole shebang, which, did not happen because the agent took my money. I just handed over cash and they all left. It's rained seven times since and this roof is still leaking. The Landlord has not sent anyone out to so much as look at, forget fix, the major leak that is dripping literally down and into the outlet my clothes dryer is affixed to. The nitty gritty: I don't want a penny from my landlord but this man sent me the craziest darn email today. #1 He's demanding rent for November. #2 He's telling me he'll have the sheriff out today to lock me out before I am home. I'm nervous my dog will be seized and the cops are at my house posting stickers/changing locks/will be homeless once I am off work tonight. Cash has been paid. This stuff was done almost two weeks ago, yes? Wouldn't they have to file an eviction all over again? I still live there for cryin out loud! Any freebie legal advice from Wake County, NC is appreciated because I work for a living and it's not that I can't pay... It's that I have paid. I've kept up my end of the bargain. What's really happening here? - Full Article

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