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2 months ago

Upload your photos of bad air quality to Wikipedia to help people illustrate the impact of the Camp Fire : If you've taken photos of smoky air that you'd be up for sharing with the world under a Creative Commons license (which allows other people to use your photo with credit to you), you can upload them to Wikimedia Commons (the free image library behind Wikipedia) to help people illustrate the impact of the fire. This can help Wikipedia editors who are writing articles related to the fire, along with future writers of other things about this fire, such as magazine articles and books. Here's what to do: Create an account and log in. You don't have to use your real name. After you log in, it will send you to the Upload Wizard to upload your photos and give them descriptive names. It will automatically add the category "Camp Fire". Then your photo should show up here for other people to use: You should only upload photos you've taken yourself, because you own the copyright to your own photos and can give permission for other people to use them. I'm a Wikipedia editor and happy to help with questions about this; I upload photos to Wikimedia Commons pretty regularly. submitted by /u/beetling [link] [comments] - Full Article

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