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6 months ago

Moving From Tx to Cleveland Help! : Hello everyone, ​ Newbie here so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask but I recently was offered a position that is going to relocate me from San Antonio Tx to Cleveland. I would get a slight rase in salary (about 5k) and the last few days have been absolute hell second-guessing and over thinking things. I figured this might be a good place to ask in regards to things you like and don't like about the city to help guide me towards the right decision. ​ A little about me I am 26 years old, engaged my fiancé would be coming along too we are both very much young professionals beginning our careers mine in marketing and hers in public health. We've lived in South Texas our entire lives and have been eager to get out (though are not sure if we're quite ready for the winters in Ohio). We enjoy nights out watching sports, going to the movies or catching a concert but we're not really drinkers at all. We travel quite frequently whenever we are able (San Antonio has been a great hub for us to access the Caribbean and Mexico). Big time foodies, were suckers for a good dinner and have pretty much turned over every stone we could fine as far as dining in San Antonio goes. ​ Some of the pros we've found in our brief research has been: Cost of housing vs Texas are significantly cheaper (Tax Abatement +) Culinary Diversity (food looks pretty awesome and not too expensive either!) Professional Growth Entertainment (With so many pro teams vs just the Spurs in San Antonio it looks as though we might always find something to do) ​ Cons - WINTER - (IVE NEVER DRIVEN IN SNOW IN MY LIFE) State Taxes Cost of living (looks to be slightly higher than San Antonio) No Connections (outside of my new boss to be we know literally NO ONE in Ohio or really outside of Texas in general...) Southern Hospitality (We're partial to Texas and the warm welcome that we've come to expect from strangers/ heard mixed reviews about the friendliness in Cleveland but maybe you can share some of your personal experience in that regard too!) ​ Hopefully that gives you guys a crash course about who we are and whether you think Cleveland might be a good fit for us or not. I'm sure there is 1000x things I am forgetting to mention or consider so please be critical and ask any follow up questions that might be relevant! ​ Thank you guys! Full Article

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