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5 months ago

Good wilderness/nature/hiking areas? : Hello! I'm new to the area (moved up here to go back to school at CSU) and in desperate need of a few wild places. Yes, I know there are trails abound but I'm seeking areas without trails that I might just spend an afternoon in with a low possibility of seeing another person. I've tried to explore a little bit but seem to run into private property everywhere I go. I'm originally from more rural of an area and back home I knew what turnouts to park in or dirt roads to go down to find a good place to park and hike into the hills. I'd say 90% of my previous hiking has been just wandering around BLM land, so it has been difficult adjusting to the trails. I'm looking for areas within about an hours drive of FoCo that are dog-friendly. I am quiet, respectful of the land and wildlife, and practice LNT. Even better if it's good ground for a casual rockhound (though I know the impulse to not want to share a good mineral hunting spot 😂) I would really appreciate it if anyone had any places they would be willing to share with me, either publicly or through DM. HYOH, Nick Full Article

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