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6 months ago

[Results] Global Job Satisfaction Survey : Hi! First off, a big thank you to everyone who participated. There were around 618 responses from 67 countries. Sadly, it is not enough. View result: As you can see, the result is very much simplistic and does not do justice to the questionnaire. Unfortunately, I am limited by the number of respondents. Questionnaire: [I posted a message seeking respondents, a few weeks back. (With prior permission of the moderators, of course!) And the results are in the first link.] Note-It is improper to repost, and I need your help. I do not know any Colombians, so please share the link with your colleagues, friends and family. Note-The survey will be kept open till mid March and it might take a couple more weeks to get a complete picture. Hopefully, I will have respondents from Colombia in the triple digits. Thank you for your help! ​ On an unrelated note- Search Vox-Borders on Youtube, there is a video at Bogota's Paloquemao Market. The fruits are amazing! When a travel video was made about my place, I found the video to be in bad taste (not by Vox). Similarly, I thought you would be interested in it. I am not affiliated with Vox/Youtube in any way, I just enjoyed those video and wanted to share. Full Article

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