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5 months ago

Who's my gerrymandered rep? : Wanted to confirm who my rep was before queuing up a letter to give my voice to this shutdown fiasco and ran smack into one of Ohio's worst gerrymanders. I knew it was going to be bad and I was 99% sure of my rep, but the official rep search engine gave me an extra amount of pause. The initial search by zip gave me multiple possibilities, as my zipcode could fall in one of three districts, OH-03, OH-12, or OH-15. An address search said I was in OH-03. This puzzle piece of a congressional district is a perfect example of gerrymander (pic1). I specifically remember not having Ms. Beatty on my ballot in November, so something was not right. I had to zoom in on where I live and sure enough, I'm just outside of a weird little hook in the OH-03 district (pic 2). Zooming back out to OH-15 (pic 3), the district I'm registered for (gotta let that their search is broken) shows another abomination of a district, completing part of the puzzle that is OH-03 and looping in northwest Columbus, Hilliard, and Dublin with my cousins in southern Ohio in Madison, Fayette, Pickaway, and Fairfield counties. Out of curiosity, I pulled up the Franklin county voting district map on and highlighted the areas where there is a significant African American population (pic 4). Hmmm...lines up pretty much with OH-03. Pack'em and crack'em! Our new gov thinks that this is all fine... Pics: Full Article

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