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6 months ago

New to Tulsa and freaking out. : I moved here at the end of December with my girlfriend from Charlotte, NC. She's originally from Tulsa and had a great job lined up, so it felt like a good idea. When we got here, she was at her parents or friends all the time, which I figured was due to being around the holidays, but when she told me to go home on Christmas Eve while she stayed at her parent's I knew something was up. I wound up finding out that she cheated on me the second day we were back with an old friend she had been talking to. She moved back in with her folks a couple of days after Christmas and cleaned out our Joint account before I could even come to terms with what had just happened. I tried going to her parents house to tell them what she had done, but she told them not to believe me and that she, "has turned to the Lord" or some shit. I definitely plan on taking her to small claims court as soon as I can afford to. I had to sell everything I owned of value to cover rent and bills for January. I found a job, thankfully... I start tomorrow as a software development manager. The horrible thing is that I don't have gas to even get there and I live nowhere near a bus line(or even money to get on a bus). I have no food. Nothing. My life is utter shit right now. I contacted my family to see if they would cash app me a few bucks and they said bad things happen when you live in sin(living with girlfriend) and that they wouldn't help. I looked at selling plasma, but can't, due to my heart valve problem. I looked at upwork, but the turnaround time to get paid is weeks away. I thought I could Lyft or Uber, but have no gas. Does anyone here need any software development done? I'll work for practically nothing. I just need a little gas and food. I know C++, C#, objective-c, JavaScript and Python. I mostly focus in app development and data scraping. I'm totally at a loss. I want to give up, but I know I'm so freaking close to making it. For those who are from here... What would you do? I need all the help I can get. Full Article

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