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3 months ago

What Random Experience Did You Have With A Fellow Unknown Pakistani That You'd Never Even Met Before And Their Action Or The Way They Helped Or Responded To You Made You Restore Your Faith In Humanity And Fellow Pakistanis In General And Made You Adore Their Personality? : I had my 1st car accident 2 months ago, I've been driving for about 1 and a half years now. I was stuck in a traffic jam on the Cavalry Ground Bridge going downhill and just a second of mere negligence made me rear end a 2017 Vits in front of me. I'm a petrolhead myself and love cars. What made me crash was a 2018 cayyenne GTS i guess there are only 2 of them in Pakistan and 1 is in lahore. As i was driving down and stopped just opposite of KFC, i spotted the GTS and a vintage rolls royce casually parked on the sidewalk. Now only true car lovers would understand my reaction so don't start judging me lol. I went crazy and just started to ponder over that beauty, removing my hands from the steering wheel and somehow my foot kind of also got off the brake pedal. It's hard to explain it but i go crazy when i spot a nice jdm whip or a really powerful and rare German car. Spotted a "M760Li" once and glad i didn't leave the brake pedal that time. So long story short i bumped into the car in front of me and reality bit me where the sun doesn't shine. I thought i'm effed up now, i was thinking all sorts of different things; am i going to get beat up, i don't want to fight, dafuq did you just do you dumb a-hole, you're dead now, should i get out of the car now or remain seated. As i was thinking all this, the guy in the Vitz got out of the car, started examining the area of crash, noticed his rear bumpers effed up, looked at me for a few secs, i kept staring at him not knowing what to do LOL. It was such an awkward moment. Anyways he got to my window asked me what happened, i didn't lie at all and told him what made me crash. He started to laugh and said "Signal se right lelena mere peeche and gari ko side par rokdena." After 5 minutes we got out of the jam, stopped our cars and got out. I was sweating pinballs and it wasn't even warm lol. I had like 2500rs in my pocket(I don't carry a wallet), my phone was dead, i didn't know my Mom or Dads number by tongue so i knew it would be a pretty hard time explaining him all these things in case he starts shouting at me or did something worse. His rear bumper was barely hanging and he had a big dent near his trunk whereas my car had just a very small dent on the lower front bumper which was barely even noticeable (I've started appreciating Hondas Build Quality Ever Since). He asked my name and whether this was the 1st time i had crashed judging by my naive body language. I've literally seen people kill each other, break bones and go crazy even if someone accidentally bumped into them and to be honest we all know how fuckking "Sarial" "Ajeeb O Ghareeb" "Egoistic" and "Self - Less" most of the douchebags on our roads are and i'm not even including the "Bike Walas" here. He told me to relax, calm down a notch because he's not going to beat or kill me or anything lol and even gave me a small nestle water bottle to drink cuz i'm guessing he realized i didn't do this on purpose and i wasn't looking to quarrel with him at all. What he said to me next made me respect that guy more than anything and these are his exact words, "Bete dekho ye road hai, or aj kal yahan par koi bhi kisi ka lehaz nahi karta; agar mere ilawa kisi aur ko lagte toh mujhe nahi pata aage kya hota lekin agar kal ko mera beta kisi accident main hota hai toh main yahi umeed karunga ke woh sahi salamat ghar wapis chalajaye." I was absolutely astonished af and didn't know what to say. I thanked him and was on my way while he sustained some pretty decent damage but was so casual about it yaar. I remember an year ago, i was with my chachu and we got into an accident near Y block while he was flaunting his new fortuner. He ran a red light and hit someone else's new Grande, i'm talking about that signal just opposite of Mcdonalds on Y Block. My Chachu is one of the most calmest and loving people i'd ever known; i had never seen this person harm a fly but that day, i saw a fuckking monster instead of him. I told him it was his fault after all and he looked at me in a way that made me piss my pants there. He looked like a killer about to commit a crime of passion. He absolutely destroyed that poor guy in the grande and he didn't even raise his voice once while he was banging on his windshield, kicking his car asking him to get out. Thankfully an entire crowd of pedestrians gathered around and held that a-hole and the bloke in the grande thankfully got a chance to flee even though he should've gotten out and asked for damages but he knew it wouldn't be a wise thing to do at that particular moment. Honestly speaking, i looked up at my chachu, as a role model, someone who i thought doesn't even know what anger is and appreciates and loves other people, we had this awesome bond but this incident remapped my brain and i'll never be able to see him in that same light and if you would ask me, That Guy in the Vitz i'd never even met before is someone i'll boldly say is one of the most beautiful souls i've ever met in my entire life and there's no way i could say this to him but if you somehow are a member of r/pakistan lol, i Fudging love you so bloody much and hope Allah blesses you every single day. I know this incident might not sound like much but in this cold hearted world, that guy in the Vitz is an angel in the form of a human for me. Full Article

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