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about 1 month ago

Metrolink Citation 2.0 : A couple of weeks ago, I received a Metrolink citation and asked for some advice in this post. The TLDR is that I'm a WashU student, and I boarded with an expired student pass. Anyway, the officer told me that I would be able to find out how much the fine would be either by going to a website or by calling the municipal courthouse. She said I would have to wait 7-10 days so that the ticket could be processed or whatever. After ten days, I went to the website listed on the ticket, and the website literally did not exist. So then I went to the ipaycourt homepage so that I could enter the information myself, but St. Louis is not an option for one of the cities (and yes, I tried U-City/Clayton/etc.). So then I called the number listed on the ticket. I was taken through the whole interactive system (press 0 for this division, 1 for this person, 2 for so-and-so, etc.). Eventually I got to a point where I entered my citation number, and there was no information on the ticket. At first, I thought that maybe the citation still hadn't been processed. So I waited and then checked again a few days later. Same result. I called again today, determined to speak to an actual person so that I could get to the bottom of this. This is a summary of what happened: Called the number on the citation, entered ticket number, got the same result as the other times. Clicked 0 to speak to the operator Psych, the operator is actually another computer. Operator/computer gives me another list of options, I click 2 to "find more information about a felony or misdemeanor case." Psych again, 2 actually transfers you to the Citizens Service Division or something like that. Another list of options, or hold to speak to a representative. Get put on hold. Finally talk to an actual human, couldn't understand a damn word that he said. It was like he was speaking through a fast food drive-through speaker I tell him that I keep getting redirected to the wrong place, he tells me that he can transfer me to the right number. Psych again, he transfers me to the first number that I called. So basically, my only conclusion is that the city needs to get its shit together. What steps should I take from here? Do you guys think it's possible that the officer didn't follow through with the ticket and that I have nothing to worry about? She told me that court would be December 4th, but I haven't received any more info about it. I really don't wanna just skip it assuming I have nothing to worry about, either. I feel like my only option at this point is to go to the courthouse and talk to somebody in person. Any other ideas? - Full Article

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