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3 months ago

What's with the comments on this youtube video? : The title is "The video that made Trump President," but i'm guessing the creator meant "This is why Trump is President." This video appeared in my recommended on Youtube and I watched it for the lols. I'm aware that Youtube comments are as dumb as Twitch users, except they're far less self-aware. But then I read the comments by Koreans and I was wondering if Trump is really popular in Korea? Go read the top comments. .. 트럼프에게 희망을 보았습니다. 지금 미국에서 그 누구도 트럼프의 편은 없습니다.. 1.3k likes I see hope in Trump. There's no one in America who is on Trump's side. 트럼프도 대단한사람이지만 거짓언론에 선동되지 않고 이사람을 대통령으로 만든 미국인들의 국민성또한 대단하다. 150 likes Trump is a remarkable person, but so is the American people who voted him without wavering to fake news. 우리나라도 이런 사람이 있었으면... 828 likes I wish our country had a person like this... 어려운 단어 한개도 안쓰고 할말 다하는게 신기함 307 likes It's interesting that he says all he wants without saying a single hard word 똑똑한사람일수록 어려운단어 안씁니다 (reply 73 likes) The more intelligent you're, you use less hard words 한국 언론은 악마의 편집으로 완전 막말하는 인종 차별자 인간말종 으로 보여주던데 참... 이나라 언론은 왤케 중국같냐 234 likes The Korean media makes it look like he's a huge bigot and racist... Why is our country's media like China And it goes on and on. Is Trump popular in Korea? (as in Koreans, not foreigners or gyopos). Or did i step into the "alt-right" of Korea? Full Article

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