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6 months ago

I'm about 90% sure r/melbourne has been flooded with far right groups in the last month or so. : The running joke around here for a few years has been that r/melbourne is a far left hive-mind that will always support the Greens/Labor/any left-wing political party. ​ In the last few weeks there has been numerous posts linking to articles about 'African gangs' in Melbourne. When you go to the comments and have a look at what the traditionally far-left/inclusive community of r/melbourne has to say about it, you are bombarded with comments with 100s of upvotes talking about violent Africans taking over, sending them home, and how they have not 'assimilated' into Australian culture. ​ It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that something strange has happened in a matter of weeks to make this 'lefty' subreddit suddenly flip to the complete opposite. It honestly baffled me the amount of blatantly racist comments with 100s of upvotes. Until I came across a group on twitter called 'Z Crime News', a thinly vailed attempt at hate speech simply 'reporting the news'. Now, alt-right accounts on twitter aren't hard to find, that wasn't the tip off. But when they linked to a comments section on Reddit about 'African gangs' with the headline 'Read what Reddit users are saying', that seemed just a bit too convenient. ​ I'll get called out for lack of evidence, for sure. And that's fair because I have nothing to go off, really. But please tell me that someone else was just as confused as I was that r/melbourne had suddenly turned into a place for people with those views to spout their hatred. Full Article

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