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about 2 months ago

Create an evacuation go bag incrementally [x-post from /r/California] : Hi /r/SanFrancisco, I have written up a guide to Create an Evacuation Go Bag Incrementally and posted it to /r/California. With the recent wild fires and worsening climate change making it inevitable that we'll continue to have more fires each year, it's becoming more and more clear that we all need to take evacuation preparedness more seriously. Evacuation preparedness can be a daunting project, especially with all the guides out there planning for the universal destruction of all services, so I wrote my guide with the intent of slowly building up your own evacuation preparedness one step at a time. Guide: Create an Evacuation Go Bag Incrementally Thank you for tolerating my cross posting. I thought this was a conversation that was important we all have. submitted by /u/workerdaemon [link] [comments] - Full Article

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