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3 months ago

Let me understand this. Now we're actually supposed to give Amazon $$$ to move to NYC? And a helicopter pad for Bezos? Is this for real? This can't for real. This is beyond the tax breaks. : Think New Yorkers are bit smarter. But who knows? This Amazon thing is getting a bit crazy. Sure, they can move to LIC, but do we have to pay them for that privilege? Think the funds can be used elsewhere. Cuomo (hey lock them for a joint) to de Blasio (who did ok with the pre-school thing), but beyond that, I'm not exactly sure what he has done for the city, guess this is their "baby." > The deal is a goodie bag for Amazon: It includes everything from a $325 million cash grant to a promise that taxpayers will help secure a helipad for Amazon executives. > Elections have consequences, and they may have particularly immediate consequences for billionaire Jeff Bezos, as newly empowered New York Democrats appear to be positioning themselves to try to block new state subsidies for Amazon, now that the online retailing titan has chosen New York City and Northern Virginia as new headquarters locations. > A day before last week’s midterm elections, when Amazon’s choice was still up in the air, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made headlines begging Amazon to site its second headquarters in the state. “I’ll change my name to Amazon Cuomo if that’s what it takes,” said Cuomo, as reports surfaced about Amazon potentially moving in to Long Island City. ​ Full Article

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