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2 months ago

Escape to Monterrey - very little smoke here. : Obviously not everyone can do this (who might want to), but it helped me. I was getting pretty sick just being inside (have no air purifier) in East Bay. We got a cheap, nice motel/lodge on Hotwire in Pacific Grove, next to Monterrey, and drove down last night. There is a little smoke in the air (small smell) here but nothing like Bay Area. The ocean has wind coming in from the ocean that seems fresh. And most importantly, indoor air quality is much, much better. Huge relief to get away from the bad air for 2 days. I just wanted to share in care anyone was thinking about this. The online maps show some reduce air quality here - but it is SO much better. Monterrey apparently had almost no smoke this past week, but then got a little yesterday. But it's incredibly better than the Bay Area right now. If you want to get even fresher air, go a little farther south, Carmel and beyond. But Monterrey is decent and a big relief from the smoke. Staying in the East Bay, without a good air purifier, was brutal. I hope everyone can stay well until Tuesday or whenever we can get a break from the smoke. Side comment: wearing a N95 mask in my house was helping me a lot. submitted by /u/nonosam9 [link] [comments] - Full Article

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