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5 months ago

Weekly Events, General Discussion, and FAQ Thread: January 14, 2019 : This thread is created weekly for /r/Seattle users to share events, chat and ask questions, and discuss recent / upcoming events! The following are welcomed in this thread: Events happening this week (or in the future) Questions about all things Seattle General discussion, chatting, ranting (within reason) Visiting / Moving / Recommendations / etc. are welcome as well, though are no longer required to be posted solely in this thread A note about events: If your event is a reddit meetup or gathering (i.e. a social meetup for other redditors, and not a paid or sponsored event), please create a self post and send us a message! You can also search previous weekly threads or check the wiki for more info / FAQs! Feel free to hang out on our Discord as well! Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send a message to the mod team! Full Article
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