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6 months ago

Requesting reduced points For a Speeding Ticket : Hey guys, So my cousin I know this sounds like an "asking for a friend" lol just got pulled over yesterday. He was coming South on 75 from Clarkston and was pulled over in Clarkston by a State Trooper. He insists he had his cruise set at 84 and was driving in the left lane. The officer was behind him for a while and he was aware of it. The officer tried to pass him on the right only to find out there was another car there. The officer then turned on his lights and pulled him over. My cousin acted responsibly. Rolled down the windows, put the keys on the dash, hands on the wheel. The officer told him he was clocked at 90 by moving radar. My cousin responded by apologizing, but insisting that he had his cruise set to 84. The ticket remarks state: "Vehicle high speed pulling away from me. Estimated above 85. Measured at 90..90..90. Then slowed to 86. Driver stated cruise set at 84. No proof of ins. EIV=Y" The officer wrote the ticket for: C/L - SPEED - (FREEWAY) 16-20 OVER) Warn - NO PROOF OF INSURANCE He does have insurance (paperwork had gotten squished in the glove compartment) and plans to bring insurance to court, though that was just a warning. The issue is that he needs to get new insurance soon and can't afford the rate hike from 4 points. He also can't afford a lawyer. He's asked me to help. He has a clean record. I know if it was 3 points or less he could just do defensive driving, but that's not an option for 4 points. I was thinking he should handwrite the officer a letter, insisting that he wouldn't intentionally lie to an officer, that he believed he was doing 84, but that he doesn't intend to dispute the ticket. Emphasize his respect for the force. Then apologize, pitch a sob story about his financial situation, and inform the officer he intends to request a higher fine in exchange for less points. This seemed to me like the best shot at avoiding the points. That said, I don't know if it would be better for him to try and dispute the ticket or even the logistics of trying to request less points on the court date. I really don't know much other than the fact I got pulled over a few years ago and the judge let me do a defensive driving course in lieu of points. Was hoping someone on here might have run into a similar situation and could lend some advice. Thanks in advance! Full Article

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