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27 days ago

Please help me donate clothes, shoes, toys, and books : Howdy all! I have a bunch of items I would like donate. They are all in good or new condition! The only issue is that I do not have a car, nor anybody I could call on to assist. If somebody could please pick these up and drop these off somewhere deserving (there's a place not too far up the street from me if you have no preference), I would greatly appreciate it!! I'd hate to just throw it out - but at this point I NEED this stuff out of my tiny apt. Or also if you know of anywhere that would come pick this up, please pass along their contact info! The few places I know won't come out unless it is furniture or over 100lbs. I realize I am asking the night before Xmas Eve, so if I do find anyone we can work something out for sometime next week after Christmas. Thanks for read and Happy Holidays! - Full Article

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