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3 months ago

Polis Evo 2 review because the other guy made it sound like it was really bad. : I just finished watching the movie with my family and lemme just give it a good TLDR. Also this has spoilers so be warned Great Action, Less Dialogue, Memorable Quotes, A REALLY GOOD VILLAIN COZ I HATE THAT GUY, Shaky Camera Warning, An okay ending. So right off the bat, I think they decided to make this movie more Michael Bay than anything else. Explosions, guns, army callsigns and what not. It's full of tension really. Most of the time, I find myself gripping my phone or the popcorn box because they really managed to amp up the tension well. First off during the fight scenes, I realised one of the action scenes had a very familliar soundtrack. It sounded eerily similar to The Dark Knight's soundtrack. It wasn't an exact copy, it was probably inspired by it. Good job Maverique Studios. I was thoroughly pleased with the whole thing. The drama that's in this movie this time feels a bit wonky. Because they're so focused on putting the tension of action in, they kinda fucked up in the writing department. In the forest, Khai was yelling about how he lost his frienf and all. It was the perfect time for the Chief to yell back that he lost men too. It would've been a believable motivation as to why they can't just go in guns blazing. But instead, Khai calmed down naturally. Sad. (but probably better in real life scenario) The other actors like Erra Fazira appeared only in the middle. At the end, there was never any mention of her again. Sad. The villain tho? Goddamn is the villain GREAT. I HATED this guy. He is exactly what I hate in a villain (which is good). He's self assured, narcissistic, egoistic and shallow as fuck. He's willing to drop lives as if he had Death on a payroll. If you have doubts to watch this movie, try not to. Its not great, but it's not bad. I'll write more, its midnight and I'm hungry. Will write at home. Edit : I'm back home. So okay, the movie has a couple of glaring flaws. The writing is filled with gaps. There were times I thought other characters could chime in with their own thoughts but they didn't. The characters are also given split screen time to kinda give the characters more depth I think, but it fell flat. It did nothing to deepen the relationship of the characters. There was also a couple of missing camera angles that could've sold a lot more believable drama and tension. That didn't happen. There was strong motivation for the characters, but there wasn't a strong motivation for the movie itself. The Gerak Khas cast members felt like extended cameos because they never popped up at the end. But great acting from them regardless. The ending line was kinda meta too. I feel like another sequel is coming soon and I'm excited. The next one could actually be good enough to break everyone's expectations. Also Sam really turned muscular and Zizan's crying scene was good. He was just missing tears. Full Article

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