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5 months ago

Orlando drivers, never change. : Actually, please do, for the better, maybe? Kthx. The scene: a residential street in the Milk District. Parked cars on one side. I turn on to it, trying to get home, mere meters away. There's an older lady in a decent enough car blocking the 'traffic' lane, futzing about with something. I can see her face in the rear-view mirror, so she has some idea of her surroundings; she's not rewiring her OBD-II jack or something. I flash my high beams, because there's no need to be aggressive, or bother my neighbours. No reaction. I flash 'em twice a few seconds later. Still no joy. A light horn tap, the shortest I could make it. Utter indifference. A toot of the horn, maybe a quarter-second. She looks up in wonder! Other people would like to use the public streets as well! She magnanimously decides to *shift into drive*, then pull into someone's driveway, allowing others free movement once again. ​ Full Article

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