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6 months ago

Strange way to be woken up... : One of the high streetlights in our close at the end of our drive, has been permanently on for about 2 weeks. I was having a small lie-in reading Reddit in bed when I hear some random hollering and hooting coming from the entrance to the street, and the sound of a big truck. As the sounds get louder I roll out of bed and look down out the window to see a white truck with one of those lift arms on the back with a platform for raising a person up. Dude A, is in the drivers seat and dude B is in the lift. Some more hooting and gabbing and up B goes to change the light. A gets out of the truck and I'm straining my ears to hear what they are whooping at each other until I realise it's not even a foreign language, it's just gibberish. And they both appear to be a bit too enthusiastic for working in all that PPE in 30° at 8.30am. An exchange is had where B looks down at A, waves his arms like one of those inflatable waving man things and yells 'abooga shazam ka ka kapow bobble?' (not verbatim but you get the idea, and he inflected up at the end like a question). Bloke A nods vigorously, bends over and spins round on the spot and then makes an approximation of a chicken or cockerel noise, and chicken walks back to the cab. They then drive off, doing a big swing round in the turning circle and B, still in the lift bit, gives a final battlecry of nonsense as they turn back onto the main street. My streetlight is now off. So my question is this; what drugs were these guys on? Or is this rapid onset heat delirium? People only seem to get that doolally in Perth when we get closer to 40° so I'm thinking the former...? Full Article

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