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6 months ago

Can we fucking stop with this stereotype? : Every other god damn thread I see on here about moving to Japan or just anything related to foreigners moving in, someone has to make the shit-eating, snide fucking comment of "OH ITS NOT THE ANIME WONDERLAND WEEBS THINK ITS GONNA BE" "THERE'S NOT ANIME GIRLS RUNNING EVERYWHERE LIEK U THINK" "IF U COM HEER THINKING ITS GUNNA B ALL ANIME..." ​ just fucking stop. it's obnoxious. we get it, you're high and mighty and enlightened for knowing that ​ fact of the matter is, nobody over the age of 12 thinks Japan is going to be like anime. Nobody thinks that. There's this preconceived notion that people get this romanticized, rose-tinted glasses view of Japan after watching anime and that they need to have their soul crushed finding out its all businessmen, etc... Nobody is that delusional. ​ Second of all, in every query of "Do Japanese people like anime?" everyone wants to be a contrarian and be like NO NOT REALLY, ONLY KIDS, MOST PEOPLE JUST LIKE KNOW ABOUT IT AND STUFF... PEOPLE READ MANGA ON TRAINS I GUESS BUT ONLY OTAKU WATCH ANIME AND ITS JUST AS FROWNED UPON AS HERE" i've seen so many fucking threads across so many fucking sites like that, and it's utter horseshit. If you're comparing it to the idea that you think people have, imagining that someone would think that every single person in Japan watches isekai-harem-loli shit, then to downplay it would make a bit of a sense, but you can't fucking tell me that Japan doesn't watch at least an equal amount of anime (across all ages) if not more than in the west. The advertising is everywhere, the imagery is everywhere, it's a major cultural/media export of the country, and they're generally more accepting of things like that. ​ I genuinely believe some of you just want to be smug contrarians and have this over-exaggerated idea of how people (otaku's/weebs especially) view Japan, that you feel this superiority that you have to crush that idea down, most likely because you came for some stupid fucking reason like that, and when you got disappointed with long work hours and xenophobia and gray sidewalks and buildings, you immediately feel like you're part of the "in" crowd. You're the cool experienced guy right? you're not so naive to think those things anymore, no! you've been living there in a shit apartment for a couple years as a white guy, it's your job to tell all the people what its like. ​ save for the overly polite society, collective nihilism, and soul-draining office work, Japan sure is a lot more of an anime wonderland than whatever suburban fucksville USA town or backwater German village you came from. And not only that- plenty of people in Japan watch anime. Not everyone is a weeb obviously jerking it to the Konosuba OVA, maybe not even the larger half, but i can guarantee you a very decent amount of men and women of all ages enjoy a good anime from time to time, and appreciate the imagery. And nobody is embarrassed about it unless they're a shut-in neet with a shelf full of nendoroids. ​ Enough with your smug fucking bullshit, Gaijin. Japanese people are more accepting of the people you want to besmirch on their behalf, get a fucking life. ​ inb4 not taking my argument seriously because it wasn't written professionally and because its showing a lot of emotion, oh boy, the japanese sure wouldn't like a loud foreigner causing a scene and being flamboyant like this! exactly they won't, which is why i'm posting it on a sub to a bunch of fellow white people inb4 not taking it seriously because i used bad wowds :( inb4 trying to counterract my previous inb4's by trying to be the calm, cool, and collected guy and making reasonable arguments to make yourself look more valid than someone who's flipping an essay-long shit inb4 have you evr even been 2 japan? inb4 weeb inb4 is this a copypasta suck my dick everybody desu desu desu desu desu Full Article

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