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6 months ago

Jill Behrman : Ok, so I was told a crazy story about Jill berhman and it’s just crazy how small of a world it is. Jill Behrman has been on my mind. I never met the girl, but I heard what happened to her, but differently than what you’ve heard on the news. Dads best friends SO was with Jill Behrmans killer when it happened, and I honestly don’t know to believe she hurt Jill or not. I read that everyone that was with the man convicted took turns stabbing her. What I heard was Jill was biking and the 3 or 4 people in the truck that struck Jill were all drinking and high on heroin. Struck her, she wasn’t dead so Man beat her. (I think) she was then put in the back of the truck and taken to the lake that was later drained. When getting to the lake/spot, they realized she wasn’t dead and the man shot her in the head. Idk if it was that order, but I know she was beat and shot. After leaving the lake, the man drops off (at least 2 women, SO included, possibly 3 women) So back to the SO, her and my dads best friend split up for a few years. SO went crazy and started hanging around bad peoples. Then Jill happened. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut, she was so mental over it, and honestly anyone would be after seeing what happened. I have never talked to SO about it, never will. But she went to the police station, and told a story, and it seems like 2 days after, she formally (took back) her statement. So it’s like she admitted, then when things got hot and heavy she said nah. Basically, does anyone else know any other fine details? Full Article

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