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6 months ago
votes proudly announced they're banning climate change deniers. If they're proud of fighting for awareness why aren't they reporting on the large climate protests around the world? : You won't find this news on Stuff. You also won't find it on NZH. Yet countless major news sites like the Guardian, Independent, BBC, covered these events. Some numerous times, as you'd expect with significant events. They haven't even reported on the Extinction Rebellion - the source of these protests - which is a global disruptive effort to get our leaders to actually take the drastic action we need. Not a Sunday rant but I want to point out how hypocritical Stuff is being. They're spending more time combating climate change in their shitty comment section than they are reporting on things that would actually help. You'd think thousands of Aussie kids walking out of schools would be worthy of an article... or even a simple republish. You'd think shutting down five London bridges would be news worthy. Even their partner the Daily Mail reported these events. It's clear to me Stuff (and NZH) made the conscious decision not to report on the protests. I don't have an answer why Stuff (or NZH) aren't reporting on these events but this is not the first time they've 'missed' reporting on large social unreset around the world. ... oh, unless it's protesters clashing with police of course. With accompanying video. With ads as long as the footage itself. Stuff don't care. Stuff just wants to look good and retain readers. Articles on the protests: Dozens arrested after climate protest blocks five London bridges Climate change protesters 'swarming' major London roads to stop rush hour traffic Thousands of children walked out of school across Australia on Friday in protest against government inaction on climate change More Full Article

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