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about 1 month ago

An observation of some mainalanders from a local. : (Sorry, I misspelled mainalanders in the title, and it seems that I can't change it.) I'm really sorry to say this, but it needs to be said. If you act like you are smarter than everyone else around you, regardless of race, locals will NOT like you. We were raised to be humble and support one another; we were raised to never make our peers feel less than we are. I am sorry to generalize here, but I've noticed that a common trend amongst Anglo-Americans that come here are that they are far from being humble. They don't show any empathy or feel the need to be humble. And this is a gross generalization I just made because I have many haole friends from the mainland who are an absolute delight to be around; however, I have yet to meet a local who behaves like certain other haoles who have no sense of humility or respect for the people around them. A small note: Most local haoles, or people of white descent that was born+raised in Hawaii, are easily distinguishable from their mainaland counterparts simply based on how they treat others and themselves. I feel awful for posting this, but I know that there is some curiosity from non-residents about why we don't particularly find mainlanders to be the nicest people. Again, that is a disgusting generalization I've made, but I have yet to know any other race who behaves as immaturely and self-righteous as mainlanders. Because I have no other race to go off from, that is why I believe that most locals do not care for mainlanders who behave as the one I encountered (and will continue to encounter) in my class. I will probably be downvoted to shit for posting this since we know the majority of reddit users are from the mainalnd, but the true purpose for my post is for hopefully that one person who reads and doesn't understand why they are overlooked by us locals. I hope you can find how your personality isn't meshing well with ours. Of course, there is some racial tension between whites and all locals, but... Trust me. If you find humility in your heart, stop trying to prove everyone wrong, stop trying to be right about everything, stop talking out of turn during class, stop trying to teach the class something, stop interrupting people when they are speaking, ETC., then you will easily get along with us. :) submitted by /u/AnusInGayness [link] [comments] - Full Article

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