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6 months ago

I moved to Eugene a few months ago and am struggling to connect to anyone due to social anxiety. How do I get myself out there? : I love this city and I want to be apart of it. I've spent my whole life just hiding in my room playing video games, and man, this city is worth doing something else. I'm basically starting over here. I ran from a traumatic situation and it left me with severe anxiety. My social anxiety has always been mild, but just sort of...uncomfortable. Now it's so bad that I regularly have physical symptoms (throat tightening, heart racing, shakey voice, excessive fidgeting, etc). It's really hard to have any confidence when your body is constantly emanating "LOOK! I'M A WRECK! :D" to everyone around you. I'm already in therapy and seeking that sort of help, so that's not the guidance I'm looking for. I feel like I really need some positive social experiences to get past this. Does anyone know of any exceptionally welcoming or understanding communities/clubs I could try? I guess I'll say a bit about myself to guide your suggestions. I'm a woman in my mid/late twenties that studied sociology in college and loves cats. I'm really into video games (on PC-- but mine is unfortunately in need of repairs at the moment), and for years I've wanted to get into board games and DnD and stuff of that sort. I spend a considerable amount of time getting high and watching youtube, which I would like to do less of in general, but particularly alone in my room. I also love riding my bike (and am open to outdoor activities in general, just lack gear/experience), but I get the feeling people here are more passionate about that than I could afford to be right now. :P Suggestions don't have to be relevant to anything I've mentioned; I'm open to all kinds of new experiences as long as the people are kind. TL;DR: I have social anxiety. I need nerdy friends. Help? Full Article

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