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5 months ago

Can I sue or take any action towards a company that withdrew their job offer towards me? : Hello, everyone! ​ So this is the story I would like to tell you and ask your advice, as I am an international student studying in Germany and do not quite know the law here. ​ I applied to an IT-company X. Went through a couple of interviews and, did a coding challenge for them and then presented that challenge in front of their team. After about 3 weeks I got a response that my application was rejected. I get it, bad luck, and I was ready to move on to look for other positions. ​ However, a couple of days later I received an email from the company X that my profile was very interesting for them and they would like me to go through the hiring process in their company again, but for a different position. I agreed, because I still liked the company. Again, I had a couple of phone interviews and then they called me on-site. I went there and after a one-day process of the interview, they showed me the salary numbers and told me that the decision will be taken in the next couple of days. ​ In about 3-5 days I got an email that they are happy to announce that they will make me an offer and the contract will reach me in the next few days. ​ Now the interesting part comes. I waited for the contract to reach me for about one month. I also did not apply to other companies, as I was relying on this opportunity, as they said that they will definitely make me an offer. I started to get suspicious and decided to write to them and ask what is going on. ​ So I wrote an email and asked how much time this process will take, as I need the contract to solve my visa issues. In response, they said that things are taking more time, but they will notify me in one week. So I waited one week more and received no response. ​ However, 1.5 weeks later after their email, I received another email that they will NOT make me an offer due to the "internal reasons". ​ I am quite shocked and disappointed, especially as the company the company is quite famous and I never expected such an unprofessional behaviour. If you are going to reject people, then do it straight away, why make them wait for months and waste their time? ​ Is there anything I can do in this situation? Or it is just my bad luck and I should forget about it? ​ long story short: A big company promises to make an offer, then makes me wait for "years", and then takes their promise back due to "internal reasons". What should I do? Full Article

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