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4 months ago

Car stolen to order and NZTA database access : A coworker had their car stolen the other day from their driveway, apparently to order. It's a 20 year old Pajero Jr (Japanese Domestic Market only), so there aren't a heap of them around. The car was recovered in the Chch red zone a couple days later. Missing were the back hatch and some other bits, but the car wasn't torched. Coworker suggested, based on the fact that this is a somewhat rare car, that the police could look at others in the area to see if others had been in accidents, to which the constable laughed (police, please don't laugh at people, even when they ask naïve questions). Now, I get that car theft is really hard to prosecute and the cops are stretched pretty thin, bit this wasn't opportunistic kids joyriding. This appears to involve someone looking at the NZTA database and finding a local one to pinch. This is organised crime, and it's frustrating to receive such a casual response from the police. I know they do make some arrests here, just busting a crew the other day, in fact. I'm curious who has access to this database. I recall a recent case (year or so) where a witness to a gang crime was intimidated after the fact because the gang had written down the numberplates of potential witnesses and had an associate who worked somewhere with access look them up. Why should anyone but sworn officers have searchable access to the NZTA database? Not asking rhetorically, curious about who and why. Full Article

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