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3 months ago

What are your thoughts on Traditional Chinese Medicine? : Just for background, I'm an ABC. I personally think it's bullshit especially acupuncture/cupping (never tried but seems like placebo effect). Tho I just came across this interesting Nat Geo article about TCM's history, controversies, suggestions of what may work e.g. bear bile (which can be chemically synthesized so no need at all to harm bears) to keep a heart alive for 24 hours (heart transplants must happen within 6 hours so 300 die in America yearly waiting). I'm still skeptic and wouldn't try out TCM, but maybe there's some TCM text observations scientists could research to see if actually works or not and then make a medicine version For anyone who's tried TCM, what was your experience like? Did you think it worked? Or do you think it's placebo? Full Article

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