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6 months ago

I Spy Boston, a social mindfulness project. : The I Spy campaign is a very basic idea- get people to acknowledge their surroundings and live in the moment. When someone is commuting or walking their dog, often that time can feel meaningless to them. By allowing ourselves to recognize and appreciate our surroundings, we are brought into the present moment. This project started off as a college assignment as a way to use design to bring mindful practices to commuters, as I find myself spending an hour and a half walking to and from buildings every day. We spend so much time getting from point A to point B without realizing that our lives are too short to not enjoy as many moments as possible of it. The goal of this campaign is to allow people the opportunity to share parts of their environment that they want others to appreciate as they do. By using the system of one of the most well known games of all time, it allows people to search on their own while searching for the answer. My hope is that one day this campaign will help people engage in their community and realize that every aspect of life is worth taking a good look at. Hopefully one day this will expand beyond Boston, bringing at least a smile to a few faces with nothing else but a lost memory of playing I spy as a kid. Any love and criticism will be welcome with open arms! Full Article

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