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3 months ago

American Tourists : Bit of a rant coming. ​ I (21f) work in a pub near a few well known golf courses, and as a result we tend to get a lot of tourist golfers come in to eat and drink. The mix of people from all over the world makes my work exciting and I enjoy talking and hearing about the lives of the people who I meet. I have ginger hair so a lot of the time I am mistaken for being Irish, however I am only here studying at college and have a strong Scottish accent which gives the game away as soon as I open my mouth. ​ Today we had a large party of all ages in having some food and drink after attending a funeral earlier in the day. While not silent, the mood was obviously quite somber and the other guests in the pub were very respectful towards the group. Then a group of rowdy American tourists walk through the doors and chose to be completely oblivious to the black attire and unsmiling faces. Their loud voices turned every head in the building, but this did not seem to bother them. I served them their drinks as they loudly discussed that days golfing game, with the word 'fuck' seeming to be the only adjective they know ("that fucking putt, that was such a fucking shot, I was fucking dominant"). Naturally I get the usual comments from these 30+ year old men, how I am such a "typical Irish lass", and that I know how to "serve with a smile". Well into their first round, and they had still not clocked onto the fact they were sitting amongst a funeral party, loudly shouting and being as boisterous as ever. As one of them came to order their next round of drinks, I politely asked him to tell his friends to keep the noise down a bit, and pointed to the party saying that they had been at a funeral this morning. He seemed apologetic and understanding at first, and said he would let his friends know. However when he came back to get the remaining drinks, he offered to buy me a drink for the 'misunderstanding' and sat down to tell me how drinking to your dead relatives is a ritual he wished they had back home. I politely refused his offer of a drink and after an awkward couple of minutes of him trying to flirt with me whilst I was doing bar work, he returned to his friends. A few minutes later and the obnoxiousness has not been toned down in any way. Then one of the Americans knocks over and breaks a glass, followed by a round of whooping and cheering from his peers. At this point my manager comes up to me and asks why I haven't made it clear to them that their actions are wildly inappropriate. I fill him in on the situation and he then headed over to the group and told them that once they finished they'd promptly finished their drinks they were to make a swift exit. A few nasty comments were made, saying things like "no wonder my ancestors left this shithole" and calling me a "snitch bitch" on their way out. ​ I admit that my experience today was nastier than usual, but I am fed up with the obnoxious childlike behaviour of many American groups. We had golfing groups come from countries all over the world, and they are never as disrespectful and belittling; the Americans stick out like a sore thumb. I am so sick and tired of being flirted with by American men who are too old for me getting incredibly offended at the slightest showing of me having no interest in them. No, your obnoxious foreign accents do not sweep me off my feet and make me want to run away with you. No I am not some remote farm girl in awe of you coming from a far away land. No, you telling me about your high paying job back home does not make me want to spread my legs for you in the slightest. I don't hate Americans, I am good friends with some from my college course and our cultural differences are what makes being friends so interesting and fulfilling. I hate the Americans that come to play golf with the boys, who talk down to me like I am some poor sorry Irish farm girl with no clue in the world, and who don't know how to behave in the company of other people. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. Full Article

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