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6 months ago

(Fairview, TN) My brother was shot and killed by police in his own home, no charges : Hi Reddit, I wanted to both ask for advice and raise awareness of the wrongful murder of my brother by Fairview, Tennessee police officers. The best coverage thus far can be found here ​ To summarize the events, my brother Chase was alone in his own home and pretty heavily sedated (likely sleeping) with substances such as alcohol, Benadryl, and his prescribed antidepressants. He had texted my aunt messages that caused her concern, so she tried to call a suicide hotline for help. For some reason, the suicide hotline was not available, so instead she called 911 which dispatched two Fairview, TN police for a welfare check. Upon arriving, the police knocked on the door to no answer. Instead of withdrawing, they chose to bust the door open. My brother's best friend was outside the door by this time and tried telling the police officers to let him go in first and talk to my brother. The two cops refused and went in guns drawn and flashlights on (it was dark out). They spread around the living room instead of staying by the door where they would have been able to retreat if needed. My brother then came out of his room and into sight at this point, having likely been woken up by the door being busted open. He grabbed a knife as there were intruders in his home. Then, as police officers pointed their guns and lights at him, he approached them, and the officers shot him several times, including in the back. He died immediately. My brother's friend witnessed all of this. ​ The DA, Kim Helper, decided to let these police officers off with no charges, and they are back on duty in the force. They have had no consequences. Furthermore, one of the police officers had the data on his body cam somehow conveniently corrupted. How often does data become corrupted naturally in 2018? ​ A welfare check should not lead to a murder of a man in his own home. The police had tasers on them and could have used those. They could have backed off, attempted to de-escalate the situation, or any other of several non-lethal options. I have no doubt that if the police were not called or had acted differently, my brother would still be here today. He left behind an 11 year old daughter. ​ Our local media has been covering the situation quite a bit as well. ​ I would love to hear thoughts, advice, or support, especially on how my family could and should proceed. We have found a lawyer on contingency, and we would like consequences for the police officers involved and for the city which failed to train the officers properly. Full Article

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