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5 months ago

Moving to Maine, wondering where to start? (info crossposted from r/IWantOut) : My husband (32, retail) and I (27, construction customer service) are looking to move to Maine in about a year. ​ Our basic goal is to purchase a small and affordable (under 80k) home with some land, preferably near or in a wooded area. We are seeking a small-town type area, and are willing to take a step down in pay grade to have jobs to start out with. We are avid home cooks, and absolutely willing to work. ​ We are seeking advice on the following: ​ Which areas in Maine would fit our criteria? What moving costs are like interstate? How to move cats who do NOT like the car at all? Advice on Maine lifestyle in general? ​ This is my first time putting our dream down in black and white, so any advice (including other subreddits) or questions would be so helpful. Thanks! Full Article

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