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about 1 month ago

Could creating "Greater Hartford" solve some problems? : Its most likely never going to happen, but just wanted to throw this out there anyway. Hartford is tiny at only 18 square miles compared to other American cities. Other cities around the country at times have been able to expand their sizes. New York City at one time was different cities and towns that consolidated into one. If consolidation never happened, they wouldn't be as successful as they now are today. Just wanted to get some thoughts on creating a "Greater Hartford" of say allowing Hartford to annex all of the towns adjacent to it including West Hartford, East Hartford, Windsor, Bloomfield, Wethersfield and Newington. So instead of 7 police chiefs, 7 fire chiefs, 7 School Superintendents of Schools, 7 Registrars of Voters so you could go down to 1 of each. Many of these positions pay over $100,000 per year. Other efficiencies within departments could be realized as well due to economies of scale. For example as snow plow from Newington wouldn't have to stop at the town line when it gets to West Hartford. It would just keep going. Savings would be passed on to the taxpayer. Other benefits could be realized as well If this were to be done, It would produce of city of approximately 350,000 which would then be the second largest city by population in New England behind Boston. It would also make Hartford a true mid-sized American city compared to others nationally and give the state a nice focal point, allowing Hartford and CT to market itself better. Perhaps, if this were to ever happen the former towns that would be absorbed could retain some autonomy for schools districts and planning, kind of like "boroughs" in NYC. Anybody for this? ​ - Full Article

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