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5 months ago

Why do you REALLY stay in Buffalo/ NY? : I guess this is more directed to the conservative members here... After listening to Cuomo spout off about how he wants NY to be the most progressive state in the country, it brought me to ask myself once again- why am I still living here? Some of the highest taxes in the country, super nanny state, highest percentage of people leaving than any other state, and it’s not even like Buffalo is this “super cheap” place to live anymore... housing increased dramatically, the cost of groceries, a beer, a burger, high insurance rates on vehicles, and pay that seems to be lagging behind the increase in cost of living (which is probably something that happens all around the country anyways). I have a decent living and mainly it’s just about being near family which seems to be the most common reason... I’d ultimately love to be in a “middle ground” type of state as I appreciate healthy balance. If it wasn’t for family I would probably be somewhere else where I’m not taxed into the ground and told how to live my life at every opportunity this state takes to do so. Full Article

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