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27 days ago

November 2018 California Wildfire Megathread : This Megathread is for general California wildfire info, plus info on any NorCal fires, especially the Camp Fire. This Megathread is a rant-free, politics-free, conspiracy/nonsense-free, celebrity-free discussion. If you violate this, your comment will be deleted. SoCal Wildfires /r/LosAngeles already has a megathread for the SoCal wildfires Useful links This sub's Wiki has a page with useful links on wildfires, air quality, road closures, etc. CalFire map of wildfires CalFire Current Incidents Information CalFire red flag warning map AirNow - California Air Quality Air Pollution in California: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map California power outages CalTrans Quickmap - closures and incidents /r/BayArea has a discussion on the right masks to buy. Beware of scammers: There already has been a post on scammers, but it really needs to be repeated. Beware of scammers of all sorts: fake charities, scammy contractors, scammy clean-up services, etc. Plus in general, be aware that's there's lots of misinformation out there about the wildfires. This sub has a general "no fundraising" rule, so everything from GoFundMe and several similar websites get automatically deleted. There have already been several dubious GoFundMe requests that have been deleted. General California wildfire news Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires? - NY Times California Fires Fueled by 'Negative Rain' California’s wildfires: ‘Everybody is at risk’ from smoky conditions, experts say - Mercury News California fire-ravaged areas susceptible to looting given extra protection by police These Wind Patterns Explain Why California's Wildfires Are So Bad As 3 wildfires rage, California’s Red Flag Warning updated to last into the week - SacBee What you need to know about using respirator masks amid Camp Fire smoke General Camp Fire News Camp Fire Latest Tuesday, November 13: California's Camp Fire Becomes The Deadliest In State History Camp Fire: North Bay schools closed as smoky air ‘puts us all in jeopardy’ Do you recognize any of these lost pets displaced by Camp Fire? Camp Fire: Before and after photos show wildfire devastation in Butte County town of Paradise List of school closures due to poor air quality caused by smoke form Camp Fire Camp Fire evacuees spilling into Redding where hotel space already tight Group collects food for pets and livestock in Camp Fire The Camp Fire has left 228 people missing. Their families feel helpless. Suspected Camp Fire Looters Were Dressed Like Forest Service Workers Camp Fire update: Evacuation centers today UC Davis Veterinary Students Help Animals Hurt In Camp Fire Camp Fire: Town of Paradise releases list of destroyed structures - Mercury News Camp Fire evacuees Free goods and services offered for Camp Fire evacuees, first responders Camp Fire: Donating goods, services, and money In general, send money. Evacuation centers quickly become inundated with junk they don't need and can't use. Look up what the evacuation centers specifically need, which is often stuff like children and adult diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc. But instead of doing a run to Costco/Sam's Club, your money will go much futher if you donate the money directly so the organizations can do bulk wholesale puchases of the goods they need. “Cash donations and gift cards offer more flexibility,” Smith said, according to the publication. “Gift cards to places like Target or Walmart can help someone buy clothes or other items they might have left out of their go-bags.” Gift cards for gas stations, supermarkets and pharmacies also can be useful for evacuees, said Stephanie Hayden, of Hope Center, which organizes donations in Oroville, California. Generous but useless donations flood wildfire evacuation centers. Here’s what to send - SacBee How you can help Camp Fire victims Money, gift cards needed for Camp Fire evacuees; here's how to give effectively Camp Fire: Here’s how you can best help evacuees in Butte County - SacBee How to help victims of the Camp Fire in Butte County - SF Chron How you can help Camp Fire victims - Mercury News GoFundMe: How to help those impacted by the fires in California Camp Fire: Volunteering Butte County Emergency Services is using Caring Choices in Chico to coordinate emergency volunteers. Visit the Caring Choices office at 1398 Ridgewood Dr. in Chico, or its emergency center location at Southside Community Center in Oroville, to apply for a volunteer position. Caring Choices website Caring Choices application Fyi: Soot can ruin your car paint Please: If you provide any links in your comments to paywalled websites like the SacBee, please also include a link to a version for folks who are over the paywall limit. - Full Article

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