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27 days ago

Its important for everyone following the Florida elections to know the following about the current Governor : •Under Rick Scott, the state ordered Pinellas County in 2013 to stop the use of remote sites as a convenience for voters to submit mail ballots with a clear goal to limit votes in the county. ​ • Scott's Division of Elections blocked a request by the city of Gainesville to use the student union at UF as an early voting site in 2014 for the same reason. ​ • Judge Walker in 2016 struck down a state law that rejected mail ballots if a voter's signature on the ballot envelope did not match a signature on file. In a state with millions of older voters, the judge said the rule "categorically disenfranchised thousand." ​ • Scott refused to extend the voter registration deadline in 2016 after ordering evacuations due to Hurricane Matthew. A lawsuit was filed and won a six-day extension. ​ • Under Scott, Florida had the longest lines at early voting sites in the country, creating indelible images of obstacles to voting in 2012. ​ • That was a year after Scott signed the Legislature's notorious House Bill 1355 that created new barriers to registering voters and curtailed early voting times. ​ • It also ended early voting on the Sunday before Election Day, a practice historically took place then called "souls to the polls" where churches mobilize African-Americans. ​ • Retired supervisor of elections, Ion Sancho, a registered independant who held office for 28 years in Tallahassee until 2016 went on record saying "I served under five governors, this is the most self-serving and partisan governor that I ever served with in the field of elections." ​ • Scott's unconstitutional policy regarding restoration of voting rights to Floridians where about 1.5 million residents are without said rights, makes Florida the disenfranchisement capital of the country. This policy has already been struck down by a federal judge, but is still in effect while undergoing the appeals process. ​ • Florida is one of only three states not automatically restoring voting rights of felons after sentences are completed. In the 4 years his predecessor Crist was Governor over 150,000 felons had their voting rights restored automatically. Scott's averaged roughly 400 a year, and restored the voting rights of twice as many white former felons as black felons. ​ Come to your own conclusions about the motives behind the above decisions. To me however, actions speak louder than words and the trend is clear. Scott over his 8 years as governor he's made it his mission to game the system to his benefit, and the current results are indicative of his continuous success in doing so. - Full Article

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