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about 2 months ago

Offleashed dogs in SF : What the fuck is wrong with dog owners? I own a lab/bernese mix that is intact and there's this lady on my block who owns a malamute/husky mix (must be well over 100 pounds) that never leash's her dog. My dog and her dog always act aggressive towards each other because they're both intact. Every time we meet on the sidewalk the dog isnt leashed and she has to grab him or else the malamute attacks my dog. Today, the dog was alone on the sidewalk when i came up on them and the malamute started to come towards my dog and I. I started shouting "GET YOUR DOG" because the owner wasnt in sight. She ran towards her dog but couldnt grab him in time and he attacked my leashed dog. I obviously was super pissed because she knows this happens all the time but she keeps her dog unleashed regardless. I told her off and she said "quit being such a baby". Now i wanted to ask you people, is there anything i can do legally to not have this happen again? Can i defend myself and my dog if he charges us again? Can i report it anywhere to have some kind of documentation about it so if it does happen again it'll recidivism? tl;dr off leash dogs are a problem and im pissed. - Full Article

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