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7 months ago

FOUND: Keys (Kia) near Downtown Mall : Yesterday evening I found a keyring on a lanyard in the crosswalk at 2nd St. SW & Water St. W. (Near Rev Soup and the former Kebabish) Put it up on the corner of the parking lot wall along the sidewalk, but they were still there this morning. Keyring: * Embroidered strap w/ broken lobster hook * Kia car key * Four (4) smaller keys, one of which looks like a mailbox key * Carabiner w/ light * MFA mini-token So if you lost a set of keys to a Kia, or know someone who did, let me know something distinguishing (number on mailbox(?) key, color of carabiner, embroidery on lanyard, company of MFA mini-token, etc.) and I'll drop/hand it off wherever. (Edited for list formatting. [New to Reddit's MD.]) Full Article

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